Lil Meech Bio/Wiki, Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Career, Net Worth, Age (2024)

Lil Meech, originally named Demetrius Flenory Jr., is carving out his own path in both the hip-hop and acting realms. Born as the son of the infamous Detroit drug lord Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory from the Black Mafia Family, Lil Meech brings a distinctive perspective and personal narrative to the music and entertainment industry. With a steadily growing fan base and promising career prospects, he is proving himself as more than just the offspring of a legendary figure; he is showcasing his own talent as an artist. Notably, Lil Meech gained recognition for his portrayal of his father, Demetrius Flenory, in the BMF series produced by rapper and executive producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. His performance in the series was met with critical acclaim.

Lil Meech Bio/Wiki

Demetrius Flenory Jr., professionally known as Lil Meech, is an American rapper and actor born on April 22, 2000, making him 23 years old. Originally from Miami, Florida, he falls under the Taurus Zodiac sign. Raised primarily by his mother since his father’s incarceration when he was just five years old, Lil Meech developed a passion for music from a young age. He gained widespread recognition for his portrayal of his father in the Black Mafia Family series, produced by 50 Cent. In addition to his acting career, Lil Meech is a rapper who debuted with his single “Bad Habits” in 2019. Despite his father’s notoriety, Lil Meech has forged his own path in the entertainment industry, earning millions of followers on his Instagram account. He identifies as African-American and is presumed to come from a Christian background.

Educational Background.

At the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, he was majoring in business when he received a call to enroll in an acting course in order to get ready for his role as “Lil Meech” in the BMF television series.


During his upbringing, Lil Meech nurtured a passion for music, culminating in the release of his debut track titled “Bad Habits” under the stage name Lil Meech in 2019. The music video for the song featured a conversation with his father. Although he gained initial recognition for his music, Lil Meech is predominantly acknowledged for his acting abilities. His breakthrough came when he landed the role of his father, Big Meech, in 50 Cent’s BMF series adaptation, for which he underwent acting classes and received widespread acclaim. In 2021, he joined the cast of the HBO series Euphoria, portraying the character Travis, a DJ and producer. Lil Meech is steadily making a name for himself in the film industry and is poised to become a prominent figure in the field.

Parents & Siblings.

He is the son of Lattara Eutsey and Detroit drug boss Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory of the Black Mafia Family. His mother, a real estate broker, raised him the most of the time because his father was imprisoned when he was just five years old. They stay in contact and have father-son moments even while his father is incarcerated. He is reportedly the sole child. He became extremely well-known to the public because to his realistic depiction of his father’s life in the BMF series. He said in an interview that he had no idea what kind of industry his father was in.


He is presently dating R&B singer Summer Walker, who is based in Atlanta. The couple started dating in April 2023, but things didn’t go well for them after Lil Meech was accused of infidelity. As a result, they split up in July 2023. But now they’re back together.

Height, Weight and other physical features.

His physique exudes gracefulness, standing tall at 5 feet 10 inches and weighing 68 kilograms. Notably, he embraces alternative forms of self-expression, evident in his collection of tattoos, including the “BMF” tattoo adorning his neck. Known for his flamboyant lifestyle, he is often spotted adorned in the latest fashion apparel and sparkling diamond jewelry, reflecting his penchant for staying on-trend.

How much is Lil Meech worth?

The estimated value of the money the actor possesses is $8 million, according to reports. Lil Meech is making a name for himself in the hip-hop and entertainment industries because to his expanding fan base and $8 million net worth. As he continues to make waves in the industry, keep a watch on this emerging star.

Profile Summery

Full NameDemetrius Flenory Jr.
Stage NameLil Meech
ProfessionActor, Rapper
Date of BirthApril 22, 2000
Age23 years
Net Worth$8 million
Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight70 kilograms

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Lil Meech Bio/Wiki, Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Career, Net Worth, Age (2024)
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