Integrated system dynamics toolbox for water resources planning (2024)

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SAND2009-6521 …

Decision Support for Integrated Water-Energy Planning

2009 •

Len Malczynski

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Impacts of Global Climate Change

Decision Support for Water Planning: The ZeroNet Water-Energy Initiative

2005 •

Paul M Rich, Mary Ewers

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Models and Decisions Support Systems for Participatory Decision Making in Integrated Water Resource Management

According to the definition provided by the Global Water Partnership (GWP), Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) “is a process which promotes the coordinated development and management of water, land and related resources, in order to maximise the resultant economic and social welfare in an equitable manner without compromising the sustainability of vital ecosystems” (GWP-TAC, 2000). The emphasis is thus on the coordinated development and management of water and land resources, with the shared objective of maximising socio-economic welfare in such a way that key ecosystem functions are maintained. IWRM adopts the principles of ecological sciences in terms of system approaches and technical and analytical tools to tackle water management problems. A common paradigm within the context of IWRM is the relevance of the participatory approach, which is becoming a prerequisite of every legislation and plan. According to the GWP again, Public Participation (PP) requires “that stakeholders at all levels of the social structure have an impact on decisions at different levels of water management”. Only PP at all levels (international, national regional and local) may assure transparency and accountability of the policy/decision process. In the field of water management, integrated approaches to the resource imply the need for considering the social aspects of water use, as well as the economic and environmental spheres.

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Water Resources Management for Sustainable …

Integrated Planning and Decision Support Systems for Sustainable Water Resources Management: Concepts, Potentials and Limitations

2003 •

Ali Sharifi

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The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences

System Dynamics Approach for Evaluating Existing and Future Water Allocation Planning Among Conflicting Users

2020 •

Taofeek Abayomi

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Synthesis of System Dynamics Tools for Holistic Conceptualization of Water Resources Problems

2012 •

Sajjad Ahmad

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Revista Jovens Pesquisadores

O processo de renormalização no trabalho de profissionais de enfermagem de um hospital do Vale do Rio Pardo, RS

Moacir Viegas

O presente artigo analisa e discute as práticas educativas que ocorrem no trabalho de técnicas e enfermeiras de um hospital do Vale do Rio Pardo, com o objetivo de entender como estas trabalhadoras produzem saberes através de seu trabalho, a partir de um diálogo entre saberes formais e informais, o qual gera a necessidade de renormalizações por parte destas profissionais. O trabalho, nesta discussão, é visto pela teoria da ergologia. A pesquisa que resultou no estudo é de natureza qualitativa e os instrumentos de pesquisa utilizados foram entrevistas semiestruturadas, observações e anotações de campo. A análise gerou três principais categorias que nos auxiliam a compreender e explicar o processo de renormalização realizado pelas trabalhadoras, bem como as relações entre o trabalho prescrito e o trabalho real, sendo elas: a categoria do trabalho, educação formal e informal e a produção de saberes. Tais categorias possibilitaram perceber a distância entre o prescrito e o real, o uso d...

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International Journal of New Practices in Management and Engineering

Optimized Adaptive Huffmann Coding For Paper Reduction in OFDM Systems

Atul Suryavanshi

The main defect of OFDM systems is its high peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR). To decrease PAPR, Adaptive Huffman coding is essential. Encoding is transferred by two encoding techniques Huffman coding and Adaptive Huffman coding at the transmitter side. Mapping is done by QAM 16 and PSK 16.The PAPR results of Huffman and adaptive Huffman coding with QAM 16 and PSK 16 is compared. Simulation results shows that the Adaptive Huffman coding along with QAM 16 produces fruitful results in comparison with Huffman coding and adaptive Huffman coding with PSK 16.

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Child's Nervous System

Surgery in the management of primary intracranial germ cell tumors

1999 •

Jonathan Finlay

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Genetic counseling (Geneva, Switzerland)

Cytogenetic results of amniocentesis materials: incidence of abnormal karyotypes in the Turkish collaborative study

2006 •

M. Karaoguz

The experience on prenatal chromosome diagnosis of four Turkish centers participating in a collaborative study on 6041 genetic amniocentesis performed during a 4-8 years period were reviewed. 5887 (97.5%) patients had strong clinical indications for prenatal chromosome studies and 154 (2.5%) were referred because of maternal anxiety and a bad history of previous gestations. The main indication groups were: advanced maternal age (3197 cases), positive serum screening (2011 cases), ultrasound-identified anomaly (492 cases), previous fetus/child with chromosomal aberrations (103 cases), a history of a previous abnormal and/or mentally handicapped child (70 cases) and a parental chromosome rearrangement (14 cases). The average maternal age was 33.9 years and average gestational age was 18 weeks. A total of 179 affected fetuses were detected in this collaborative study (3%) of which 133 were unbalanced (74.3%). Among the 124 (69%) numerical aberrations, 102 (82.3%) were autosomal aneuplo...

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Integrated system dynamics toolbox for water resources planning (2024)
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