【FULL】Plot Love EP01:Su Bei and Lu Nan Reunited after Seven Years | 亲爱的柠檬精先生 | iQIYI (2023)


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【Introduction】Su Bei returned with baby and reunited with “ex-husband” Lu Nan to investigate the truth of a series of conspiracies from seven years ago, and reconnect with Lu Nan to continue the fate they have left off previously.

【Cast】Chen Shujun,Chen Pinyan

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Don't come closer! Don't come any closer! No! Auntie Lan! Auntie Lan! Auntie Lan! Auntie Lan! Lu Nan, the CEO of Eminence made his debut.

Eminence will be listed in only a few months, and has once again come to the fore.

Lu Nan and Su Manni.

A model of his company were spotted entering a hotel together late at night.

They looked very close.Tying.

The knot is on the way.

These are documents I've found about Auntie Lan's orders.

Are, you really going to take their offer? Grudges old and new.


Seven years of marriage feud must be settled.


That's, Mr., Zhang!, Mr., Zhang!, Mr., Zhang!, Mr.

Zhang! What.

Are you doing? - Mr.

Zhang! -Mr.

Zhang! Come down! Mr., Zhang!, Mr., Zhang! Come down now! It's, dangerous there!, Where's, Lu, Nan? Why.

Didn't he come? Send Lu Nan over here! Otherwise, I'll jump down from here! Don't jump! I want everyone to know that it's him who drove the senior manager to death! Mr.

Zhang, come down!.

Let's, go, Mr., Zhang., Forgive, me!, IN fashion banquet is about to start.

[IN Fashion Banquet] Manni! Manni! Don't go! [IN, Fashion, Banquet], Manni, you're, a super model.


Do, you have any plans for your future.

Career? We've heard that you'll attend the red carpet tonight with Mr.

Lu Why isn't Mr.

Lu here? Are you having relationship problems? Manni, one more thing., After your contract expires.

Will you renew your contract with Eminence Fashion? Well.

Today, we're here for the IN fashion, banquet.

These questions make us look like we're trying to steal the show.


Hello, sis.

It's been a long time.


Are you doing here? Same as you.

I'm here to see the person I want to see.

But? You want to see your brother-in-law and I want to see my husband.


There are so many reporters here, today.

You'd, better behave, yourself.

Come closer and make a pose! Smile.

Good! Okay.

Look over here.

Manni, who's, this lady? Why? Are you wearing the same dress? What? Is your relationship? Tell us about it., Manni.

Tell us about it! Su Bei! Who told you to come, back? I'm back because my husband said so.

I, don't have to inform you.

Do I? Mr.

Lu? No way! How.

Could he ask you to come back? He..., We're, husband and wife.

We can't be separated.


I came back this time because he insisted.

Sis, I know that it wasn't easy for you to work for him.


Fortunately I'm back now.

From now on, you don't have to work so hard.

Shame on you.


You forgotten how you got Eminence into trouble and embarrassed Lu, Nan? He said he didn't hold the grudges.


So I think he wants me back because he'd like to get back together with me.

After all, we're getting old.

Grandma would love to have some grandchildren.

Dream on! Dear sis, I'm not only going to ruin your reputation but also take everything from you, including your husband, Lu Nan.


You think I'm still the same person from seven years, ago? It's time for you to give back what was taken from me.

Now that I'm back, I'll make sure you pay the price.

Su Bei, You should have died out.



Did you come back? Manni, Mr.

Lu will be here: soon.

Su, Bei., Seven years ago, you couldn't defeat.


You won't defeat me now.

Mr., Zhang., Mr., Zhang., I'm, here., Hello!, Excuse, me.

How do I get to the washroom? Go out of the lobby, and then go straight ahead and turn left.

It's Mr.

Lu's car! Mr.

Lu is here! Mr.

Lu! Lu Nan! Lu Nan! Nan Nan! Nan Nan! Lu Nan? When did he come back? I thought he had been abroad to expand.

The market.

You're too lagged behind.

He came back a year ago to take over Eminence.


How could Eminence turn the tide from a downward spiral to preparing for being listed?, Mr., Lu! No wonder he's the top elite in Nanxi.


Lu, we've met before.

Do, you still remember: me? I'll find an opportunity to have a few drinks with Mr.



Don't you come with me? Alright.

- Mr.


- Mr.


- Come, on. - Cheers. - Cheers. - Cheers., Mr.

Lu is young and successful.

The top one in Nanxi! So nice to meet you.

All is well here.

Once the cameras are installed.

You only have three minutes to test if they work.

Got it.

Room, service., Manni!, I love, you!, Mr., Lu!, Mr.

Lu, help me! Mr.

Lu! Help! Manni! What.

Are you doing? Manni! I love, you, Manni! Don't come any closer! Security! Manni! What? Are you doing? I love, you, Manni! I'll? Have someone take you to your room.

No! Mr.

Lu, I got hurt just now.


You take me to my room? Where's, your assistant? I, don't know.


Lu, I'm, really scared.



They're going up., Hurry, up.

Try to stall them.

Stall them for another.

Two minutes.


Which, floor?, Eight., Mr., Lu., I'm, really sorry for the inconvenience.

I'll only give you five minutes.

They're on the last floor.

Hurry up! Hello.


Close the door when you leave.

Okay No, need.

Leave, it open.

Mr., Lu.


Don't you stay here and we can talk about renewing the contract? One minute and thirty-four seconds? Left.

Are, you sure you can be on time?, Mr., Lu., That, crazy, guy, just harassed me and hurt my leg.


You please go to the bathroom and bring a towel for me?.

I want to put it on my leg.

Thank you, Mr.




Have, some water.

You've, drugged, the water, right? Mr..., Mr., Lu., I..

I, don't know what you're talking about.

Do! You know how many women in Nanxi want to marry.

Me? Well, to be precise.

They want to sleep with me.

They try to drug my water at least once or twice a month.

Your trick.

Doesn't work on me.

Mr., Lu., I, really, don't know what you're talking about.

I didn't drug it., Yeah? Then drink it and I'll believe you.

Ye, Ting., Plan, B., Drink, it., Mr., Lu, I, like you very much.

Do you like me, or do you like the title as Mrs.

Eminence CEO? I, like everything about you.

If, you still want to stay at Eminence, then stop pulling off your tricks.


Lu! Mr., Lu! If! You don't want to be a model.

You can ask the company to make a major insurance payouts for you, so that you can compensate us for our investment.



I won't risk my career for this.

I'm serious about you, Mr., Lu.

Are, you ignoring my warning? Mr.

Lu!, Sis.

What, a surprise.

Gift! This is a bit too much!.

It seems that you're putting on a big show for me.

Mr., Lu, I..., Get up and talk.

Don't get us wrong, sister., Mr., Lu and I were talking about work.

Manni, I didn't get you wrong.

It's, just that.

If someone tries to make a big deal of out of this, I'm afraid no one would believe what I said about it.

I know you're so desperate to get ahead.

But you can't do this to your brother-in-law! I didn't!, Brother-in-law? What's, this about? Am I also going to play a loving couple with you? Lu Nan, I know you blame me.


You can't pretend you don't know: me.

Miss, you're, overdoing it.

Where is Su Manni's room? Where is Su Manni's room? This way, I think., Manni, I know you like Lu Nan.


Okay, if you steal him away from me.

But you're bringing in the press as well.

If words spread out, it will be a humiliation for Lu Nan!, No, Mr., Lu., I, didn't.

It's, not me., It was you!.

You must have set me up! I, don't care what you're up to.

But I hope you know what to say and what not to say.

Look! This is her room.

Come on!, Mr., Lu.


You stay in the room with Su Manni? Does.

It mean that you and Su Manni are a couple? Right, Mr.


Is it true?, Tell, us.

You, know what? If I slap.

You now and tell everybody that you seduced your brother-in-law.

What would the paparazzi react? You were alone in a room, together.

Does that mean you're about to get married? Right, Mr.


Alone in a room together? You can see for yourselves.

Hurry up!, Sorry guys.

Sorry to disappoint you.

Mr., Lu and I are just friends.

A crazy fan of mine harassed me and I hurt my leg by accident.

So Mr.

Lu was very nice to bring me back.

This lady is my elder.


She heard that I was injured and came to see.


So, you're biological sisters?, Really?, Yes., We're, sisters of the same father.

Take, a picture! Take, more pictures!, A few more from this angle.

We have a situation.


I'll see you later.

Are, you really going to take their offer?.

You know what Auntie Lan meant to me.

Only when I get close to Lu Nan can I find the fragrance brocade.


The information and evidence we have is not enough to prove that Lu Nan took the brocade.

But he's the most likely.

Auntie Lan called me before.

The accident.

She said that Lu Nan came to her several times and offered a high price to buy the brocade.


She refused.

According to our investigation, Zhang Yuan came soon after that.

Then on the night before the delivery, the factory caught on fire.


You think it's all too much of a coincidence? Now I see.

You're right.

But, Su, Su, Lu Nan went to great lengths to get you into Eminence, because he didn't know that you're, actually, the famous model agent, Annie., You and him..

are a married couple.

Who has been separated for seven years., Married couple..

Don't? You remember that you signed a divorce agreement, that you wouldn't be able to get anything.

If you divorce.



Are you going to do about it?, Since I didn't get a divorce then, I'm not going to let him go now., Grudges, old and new.


Seven years of marriage feud must be settled.


Even! If we get a divorce, you better stay abroad and not come back without my consent.

I'm leaving.

I won't bother you.

You're, just as ruthless as before.

I'll hit back, twice as hard! So.

Is she really my wife? If? Her name is Su Bei, then yes.

I'm, married?, But, Su Bei went abroad.

I tried so hard, but didn't find her.


Is she suddenly back now? That's weird.

Have someone investigate what she did abroad over the past few years and why she came back.

Auntie, Lan, I'm, back.

You were the one she thought of the most before the accident.

She'd, be so happy to know.

You're back.

Jiajia,! Thank you so much for what you've done.


After, the accident, everyone at the factory left.


All my fault.


You've done a good job.

She has dedicated herself to the company.


Now, there's nothing left.


I came back to find out the truth about who tried to kill her.

How's the investigation going about the factory? On the day of the fire, the factory's camera circuit was broken.


There was no evidence.


I asked Yu Jia about Zhang, Yuan.

She said she didn't know.


She only knew that Zhang Yuan contacted Auntie Lan on his own initiative.


The way, Zhang Yuan was sent to the detention center by Lu.

Nan today.

He, probably won't be out for a dozen of days.

I'll go see him then.

There are so many coincidences.

It's unlikely that they're all isolated, incidents.

Go ahead with the investigation.

It's, a pity that we didn't seize the great opportunity.


Su Manni is lame.


It's not a complete waste.

The super model seduced her brother-in-law.


This video is made public, it'll make next week's headlines, right? But..

Was Lu Nan, really pretending that he didn't know.

You? Whether, he's pretending or not, I'm.

Looking forward to what he'll do.



We've met again., That's, destiny.

It's, just you and me now.

Stop faking it.

After all, we've been married for seven years., You talk so harsh.

It's, heartbreaking! Watch, your language.

We've been separated for seven years, so our relationship is virtually over.


What you really think of me? Stop it.

Charm offense, doesn't work on me.

I almost hit your car and gave you a fright.

So take the money, as my apology.

I don't like to owe people anything, especially you.


Do you mean? What? Do you mean? Hello, Annie.

I'm, Tang, Xin, Eminence's, administrative director., Welcome on board! I've completed all the paperwork for you.


Lu is still in a meeting, so I'll show you around first.

This way, please.

I've sent you the file.


Find, the information.

The whole building is owned by Eminence.

The top floor.

Is the headquarters.

We're on the sixth floor, where you'll be in charge of the Eminence Starlight Agency.

Our models are all very excited that you're coming.

They've been waiting for you early on.

All of them? Except for those who're at work.

The rest are all here.


Take you to meet them.

It's over there.

I'm sorry.

I have to take a call.

No worries.

I'll go myself.


The model training room is right over there., OK.

Hello? Did.

You hear that Annie is really of something?.

I heard that when Juli first started with Annie, she was still nobody.

Then Juli made it to the Big Four in less than four years.

She was endorsed by top brands thanks to Annie.

Really? Yes! Every little connection and resource that Annie has is world class! With, her credentials.

She can help you rise to international fame.

Even though you're a loser.


You're new here, aren't you? It's.

My first day, here.

But I read online.

That Annie is extremely strict.

It's a living hell to work with her.

I heard she's, really crazy.


She be a harsh and callous woman?, I think so.

If not.

Then how come she never takes interviews and does publicity? Right.

You know what? I think she must be an old, ugly, witch.

Stop it.

Annie is coming soon.


Do you think you are? A rookie who's never walked on runway.


Are you to tell us what to do? Sister Manni.

Sister Manni., Sister, Manni.

Here, you are., Sister, Manni., Sister, Manni., You, look gorgeous!, I love your lipstick, color! Right!, Hey, you, rookie!, Sister Manni is here.

Come and say hi.

She's, the chief here.


You want to say hi?.

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