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【Cast】Bai Lu,Leo Luo

【Introduction】It follows the story of a girl named Jiang Jun who meets her close childhood friend, Ma Yuanshuai, in the workplace—this time, however, not as an ally but as a rival...

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Love Is Sweet Love Is, Sweet, Episode, 4 So weak.

I, told you that MH is not for you.


Just didn’t believe me.

You should have left.


Where are you?, We have come, out.

Don’t need to worry about, us.

You can go home, now.

I have been through so many difficulties.

This time it’s.

Just a pack of pads.

Just, a small case.

Hello, welcome.

Goodness! No way! This monster.

Even tracks me down.

Here? Even sanitary pads have so many kinds.

What Mr.

Ma said was right.

You get the market.

If you can catch the women’s taste.

No! Crap! I can’t, let him recognize me.

The suit.

He wore that day.

Looked really expensive.

It will kill me if I have to pay.


I haven’t finished my task.

I even have come up with the name for the child of me and my boy.

I can’t be knocked down.


Other’s boyfriend will never be disappointing.


He is so sweet.

Excuse me!, Hello, welcome., You… What’s wrong? What can I help you? Is there, a thermos cup?, Of, course., Please, wait.

Sir, the thermos cup.

You want.

Fill it with hot water.


Please wait.

It’s my pleasure to help you.

Hold it.


I, wonder how it will feel if this bottle of hot ginger tea with brown sugar is splashed on your face.

My, dear girlfriend?, Gosh.

You… Are, you, the handsome guy, my twin sister, accidentally spilled on at the party last time? My, goodness.

You don’t know that.

After what happened last time, my sister came home full of remorse.

In, spite of our dissuasion.

She resolutely became a nun in the nunnery at the south of the city and shaved.

Her head, bald.

Please, forgive her for being so sincere, OK? It’s, easy, then.

I will call the police.

Then I will know if you are twins.

Wait! I’ll pay for your suit! What’s.

The number of the police? 11… Sir! I’m, sorry.

I’m, really sorry.


Do you want? Take? Whatever you like.

The bill is on me.

Bodhisattva., Thank, you., Don’t, say that.


Welcome next time.

Goodness! I didn’t wait for him to come, but a devil.

Came! You’re, awake?, You… You could have woken me.


I still have some work to do.

I’m, not waiting for you.


Don't flatter yourself.

They are over there.

That’s too much.

They are on discount.

What? Ginger tea with brown sugar.

Thank you.

Take it easy.

Be, cautious of the heat.

How is it? It’s warm.

Jiang Jun, you’re back? What.

Did you buy? So much.

Snacks? Why? Are they all pads? Are you doing evaluation? It’s, not me who bought them.

This… Aren’t.

They the things Yuan Shuai, bought in my store? And this thermos cup.


It brown sugar, tea, inside? And.

This coat… Is this from Yuan Shuai? My god.

What happened between you? What?, Nothing., It’s, just…, You know, I really should go to the temple to worship.

Every time.

I met Yuan Shuai, no good thing would happen.


You believe it? In, that whole tall building, only our floor had a blackout.


Just Yuan, Shuai and I were locked in the meeting.


And my period came in advance just at the time! So, when you were in trouble, Yuan Shuai not only lent you his coat, but also bought you.

So many pads and brown sugar tea.

Well… He still has a conscience.

So he helped me out this time.


What a story of domineering, CEO!, The, hero and heroine are locked in the elevator.

And the heroine’s claustrophobia breaks, out… Enough.

Stop your imagination.


If he is the domineering CEO, I’m, not the pure and silly girl.

So boring.

Why, are you in my home? Right, I was about to tell you this.

My roommate said there would be a meditation for three days.

So I have to take refuge in your place for three days.


Finally I get a charmingly naive girl to accompany.

Why am I “charmingly naive”? The weather is being dry.


I’m using a facial, mask, called “Charmingly Naive”.

I think that name suits you.

You are also charmingly naive.

Hey! By, the way, I, remember: I got one more box of it.

You can use it.

One mask per day, to moisturize your skin.

Love you.

Let me have a look.

Li, you’re, making dinner? It smells so good! Oh, no! My, soup! I almost forgot it! No.


It can’t, be.


This is the schedule next week to treat our clients.

Sign it.

If there is no problem and I will book, the tickets and hotel.


Boss, I need to answer a call.


Have, you checked the list of staff.

Departures I asked you to check?, I have contacted them.

And I will have visits this afternoon.

Seize, the day.


It’s, not my pen.


Li, I’m.

Here to ask you some questions about Kelang Pharmacy on behalf of MH.

MH? I have quitted my job.

So, you shouldn’t, ask me anything about Kelang.

I know that you didn’t have a pleasant leaving.

I heard that they fired, you.

I, think it all has passed.

There is no need to bring it up.


Although, it has passed, I, believe the impact on you has not been finished.


According to what I got from Kelang.

They said you had a stain on your work.

Is that true? I was the one who spotted the stain on their work! How come it's me.

Again? You found other people’s mistake, but you were the one to be fired?.

Anyway, forget it.

I don’t want to be in any trouble.


Please, leave.

If, you were afraid of trouble.

You wouldn’t have been fired back, then.

I was fired because I wanted to stick to right.


But, is that meaningful? Is that fair for me to get this result? Mr.


There is always a price worth paying.

Worth?, OK.

Now, look at me., Now I can only idle the days in a bookkeeping company.

Every day.

I manage several companies, which declare no tax.

Every month.

My life now has no future, no hope, and no promise! I’m just living to be alive.

Then, you tell me.

Is this the price worth paying? Sorry, Mr.


I, really…, Stop, talking., Stop., -Just, go., Leave., -Wait… I don’t want to hear anything, now.

Please, let me say, that… I don’t want to hear it.

Leave! Just one last thing!, Go ahead.

If, you decide to be silent.

Today, more people will become the next victim because of your silence.

I came here today, because I believe there may be something wrong with this.

This is your best and only chance to prove yourself.


Done? He even came earlier than me! Such.

A punctual man must be a good man with strong sense of responsibility.


His side face is so perfect! And.

He is so devoted to work!.

He is even able to work so hard without supervision.

I have to get his WeChat contact or his number today.


He dislikes me to give him things.

Are you OK? I…, I’m, fine.

But, your phone… Let me.

Take it to repair.

It seems difficult to pour it right on his phone.


If I pour it on his laptop, the price is too high….

Excuse me.

Is there, any Red, Bull? Please, wait! Let me get some.


The Red Bull you want… Where is he? Please wait., Hi., Here., Mobile, payment?, OK., Thank you.

I can change money with him.


He doesn’t have enough.

Money, I can get his contact.


Where is the money? Why.

Is the money gone? No one there? Sorry.

Did, you see anyone who stole my money? No.

But… You have left the counter three times since the morning, two of which were walking around me.

Trying to get my attention.


The last time you went to get Red Bull.

If, nothing happened during the first two.

Then the thief must act.

While you were getting the Red Bull., Then it’s, not too late.

Let me call.

The police.

You want to call the police? Then you need.


There are four cameras in this store.


You know how to get the video out? I know.

There is a camera shooting the counter.

But, the property company never came to repair it.

Let me have a check.

Surveillance… You didn’t spend more than three minutes to fetch.

The Red Bull, did you? There's.

Only one person who meets the criteria that we just talked about.

Him., Yes, it’s, him! He was the one who asked me: away.

I will call the police now.

If you want to get the money, then come with me.

You mean Zhou of Kelang.

Wants us to help him to change the present chairman Deng Ke? Three years, ago, Deng, Ke embezzled, the company’s asset.

This kind of stain will turn into a bomb sooner or later.

This old fox is the second largest shareholder of Kelang.

He is forcing us to stand on his side.

After all.

We also hold the shares of Kelang.

If Deng Ke’s stain is revealed, it’s, also a loss to us.

Is there.

Any evidence for that? We got a witness.

The evidence is still being verified.

Business is like a battlefield.

The battlefield is like a chess game.

You have to play first.


You know how to deal with Kelang, right? You mean to force Deng Ke to step down at the joint board.

Meeting in Kelang tomorrow? It is a good chance.


Isn’t the time left too short? The chance is there, and the readiness is sufficient.

It’s up to you how to deal with it.


I know how to do it.


How, is it going?.

I will talk to him.


He was a little defensive.

This afternoon.

Seems that your way is not effective.

We are going to have a meeting in Kelang.


This point there are still problems with the witness.

Then, congratulations.

You got two chances before.


There is only one.



Yuan, Li Xiang will attend the meeting tomorrow in time.


All my report.

See you.

That’s him.

Give, my money, back.

Are, you insane? I, didn’t steal your money.

Stop pretending.

I will give you three seconds.

If you don’t give my money.

Back, I will call the police right.



You say that again, I…, The camera in the store is connected to the police.

Before we came out of there.

We called the police.

There is face recognition system, now.

You’ll be recognized within 15 seconds.

Besides, the clothes you wore when you stole the money are right under your coat now, right? So.

If you want to run away, then, hurry, up.

How did you know that he is the dustman here? I met him a few times.

Every Tuesday night before your store closes, he comes for discounted sushi and bread.

The guard here is actually quite strict.

If, not the resident.

Unregistered visitors are not able to come in casually.

So I guess he must be a worker here.


You are a resident here? It's, much easier to get an access card than to buy a house.


Goodness., Handsome, smart and so warm-hearted.

He is totally a perfect boyfriend.


Behalf of MH, I would like to add a new topic.

To make sure the merger goes.

Smoothly, I propose the removal of Mr.

Deng Ke from the post of chairman The merger is at this crucial time.

You want to remove me? That's a bit too much of a joke.



You set up a bunker account three years ago to transfer company assets.

To avoid the unpredictable risks in the future.

You must leave.

That’s totally nonsense.


Could it be? Don't talk nonsense without proof.

We found a witness.

Witness? Where? Him? How? Can he be a witness? Of course? You don't want me to be the witness.

Because I know too much about you.

Let me introduce myself., I’m Li Xiang, used to be an employee in the Financial Department of Kelang Pharmacy.

Then I got fired because I found some stains of Deng Ke.

Stains? My stains? Yes.

There are some people with stains in my company.

But, who are they?.

I can tell everyone here that in these people, there are him and his wife.


Do you mention my wife? I came here today, just to talk about you! OK.

Then let’s talk about it.

He and his wife used to work in our company in the Financial Department.

But during the tenure.

They deliberately concealed their relationship, cheated together and destroyed notes.


Why I fired them.

You came here today, just to take revenge on me, right? You can ask him., His wife is still in jail.


Am, I right? She made the mistake! Not me! It’s.

None of my business.

Really? You two even slept together every day.


Could you know nothing? Or… She counted your blemish on herself and went to jail for you?.

You do have a good wife.

Let me tell you.

Again! She made the mistake! It’s, not my business! So.

To get rid of this, you divorced.


You are just a jerk.


You even believe what a jerk, said?, Then I, really doubt MH’s ability, now.

I, will tell what happened to your Mr.

Fan in details.

I hope you can give me a reasonable explanation.

The ball has been kicked, off.

No player can leave the field.

Right? How is Jiang.

Jun now? She has been in there for half an hour.

I guess she will be fired.

This time.

She hasn’t been here for more than one week.

She made an unprecedented record in MH.

And, maybe also no latecomers.


Think this record is hard to break.

Kelang’s chairman still holds the grudges.

He thinks that someone at MH should be held responsible for this farce.

We got the evidence that he transferred the assets, which is being verified.

This is the evidence you verified? You failed to remove Deng Ke.


Now they want us to give them an explanation.


Tell me what we should do.

Now? I will be responsible for this.

You are responsible? How, to? Give me some time and I will prove that Deng Ke did transfer the assets.

If I.

Give you time, who will give me time? Your best way to be responsible is to put your resignation letter on my desk.

I have been your teacher for years.


Never let me down.

Today, it’s.

The first time.

The battle is not over yet.

It’s too early to decide.

The winner now.

I, heard that this trouble is caused by a new comer called Jiang Jun.

Seems that she was introduced by Lin, Taimo.

I know her clearly.

She can’t be Lin.

Taimo’s helper., Lin Taimo is good.

At snowballing.

He can turn an unimpressive one into a thorn, and turn a trivial opportunity into a manageable achievement.

There are so many lessons of that.

I will give you five days to find out.

Deng Ke’s, stains.

That’s enough for you, right? Two days.

I will give you a satisfying answer in two days.

The principle of today’s interview, wolves can stay and lambs will leave.

I heard that Yuan Shuai had a big loss on the case of Deng Ke.

Deng Ke is shrewd.


He is not capable enough to cause loss to Yuan Shuai.

I heard it had something to do with a new comer under his management.


Witness this intern found bit them back at the crucial time.

Intern? How.

Could an intern be assigned to deal with this case? This surprised me as well.

This rule was made by me, Lin Taimo and Fan Qichang, when I was still in MH to train the new comers.

I didn’t expect that after all this time, they are still using this risky rule.

Looks like this intern must have an unusual relationship with Yuan Shuai.


How could Yuan Shuai’s judgment be? Affected? I heard it’s the girl called Jiang Jun.

Oh, right.

It occurs to me that I left a document in the company.

I won’t drive you home, later., OK.

But, remember to go home.


You must know that in the field of investment banking, the proportion of women is less than 20 percent.

The job requires abilities, stamina, and stress tolerance that many men can’t match, let alone you, who can’t even shed a tear.

It’s, not decided by you.

I, will become one of the 20 percent! Is there money in the sky? Get on.


Also a mistake.

If you don’t listen to your boss.

You can leave.

If you make three mistakes.

When I was in Japan, I visited a psychologist.

Master, Sanaka Koji.

I asked him when someone wanted to cry.

If there was any way to stop the tears.


He told me that if you wanted to cry, just imagine yourself as a donkey.

Then, your tears would be stopped right.

Away., Why?, Donkey doesn’t like to cry the most, because its face is too long.

It’s, not funny at all.

Tell me.

If you want to cry, I can call an ambulance for you.

You must be happy.


The only person who knows your history is leaving MH now.

Investment banking is like a battlefield.

Now you understand?, Little ants will carry the huge blame, is the latent rule of all the investment banks.


Just didn’t expect it to be so fast.

You’re not qualified to be the little ant.

The ant will keep climbing ahead and never give up.

A wheel with no feelings.

Can’t understand the little ant’s sadness.

Jiang Jun, I want you to leave MH, but not in a way to carry the blame for me.

Remember, under me, I won’t make anyone carry the blame.

You… You got new clues? A temporary retreat is not a defeat.


Ant,! Please keep running.

The war is still far from the end.

Don’t worry.

I won’t give up till the last moment.

Let me ask you.

Why: do you want to stay in MH?, Yuan Shuai,? You think you know me well, right? Of course I know you.

But that was before.

In, my life.

You were absent for a while.

So, you don’t know what kind of a person I met.

What happened to me during the time and why I want to enter MH.

And you don’t know what kind of a person I have become.

Just like now, you think I will cry because of being treated.

Unfairly., But, I, won’t.

I will feel upset and angry.

But I won’t retreat.

You’re still in the past.


You should get to know me one more time., Jiang, Jun., Jiang, Jun., Jiang, Jun., Don’t cry.

Both of us should not cry.

In, all your father’s life.

He just wants you to stay strong., Dad., You…, You…, You… Why.

Are you lying here? Dad,? Did you see? Finally I entered MH and became one of them.

Don’t worry, I’m, strong, now., No matter? How cruel this industry is, I will try my best to hang in there.

I love, you, dad., Love, Is, Sweet.

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